Financial Wellness Course

Learn How to Become Financially Independent and Spiritually Strong in 60 Days


Financial Wellness Formula

C1 – Bronze Level – This Course is to bring absolute clarity on the concepts by completing 5 courses in 10 days. Purpose of this information is transformation. 

INR 24,999/-

Financial Wellness Legacy Building Set Up Challenge

C2 – Ruby Level – This Course is to bring all systems to action  and necessary lifestyle changes to attain YOUR GOAL within 90 days and live that GOAL successfully. This Course qualifies you for the “Monthly CATWALK”. Each success story is featured in the form of a live interview on the ‘my true caliber Hub’.

INR 49,999/-

Financial Wellness Council

C3 – Sapphire Level – This course brings to you an opportunity for an one to one session with me where we brain storm to finalize your Niche and guide you towards attaining your goal  within 90 days.

Frequently Asked Questions

Sharing some most of the frequently asked questions. For any more queries, you may kindly drop a message.

If you are woman looking for Financial Independence or additional family income, this course is very beneficial for you. It guides you through systematically in a structured way to recognize your true caliber and helps you walk a path with proven systems to achieve your target. Systems win, people can fail.

Though is it individual based. But generally, you should be willing to spend 8-10 concentrated hours in a week, to get optimum results.

You have lifetime access to all the course material and all the upgradations that are done to the course from time to time.

For all the members, who join the classes, we have a weekly Live – Inner Circle Online Group session. Also you can Set up a one-two-one session with me.

The most common challenges are discipline and self doubt. If we can conquer these, nothing else can stop us.

Yes, you get a Certificate on successful completion of this course.